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Monday, October 20, 2014

Reds Replace 3B Coach Steve Smith


Many Reds' fans got their wish on Monday.

The Reds replace thirdbase coach Steve Smith on their coaching staff.  The rest of the coaching staff will return.

The Reds had more runnere thrown out at home (without being forcedd (28) than any other teajm and Smith took the blame.

In September, Smith defended himself through the media but the Reds' front office, perhaps reacting to public presssure, announced that Smith will not return to the staff in 2015.

No replacement has been named at this time.

Mark Berrry had been the thirdbase coach from 1999 to 2013 when he was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes.  Berry coached part time in 2013.  Chris Speier manned the coaching box when Berry was weak from treatment.  Berry remains with the organization as a roving minor league coach.

Smith approached the press in September and defended himself from the growing criticism.

Statistician Joel Luckhaupt spent hours reviewing all 27 outs and gave this breakdown.

11 outs were from the contact play.  Contact plays are managers decisions and predetermined based on the situation.

Four outs were clearly the runner making the decision on his own.

Two were off sacrifice flies which are runners reading the play, although the thirdbase coach can hold them.

10 were outs at home where a runner tried to score on a hit to the outfield.

Of those 10 three were close plays and two were close enough to be reviewed.

That leaves seven in which Smith played a part in the outcome.

Steve Smith questions numbers http://fullofschatz.blogspot.com/2014/09/reds-thirdbase-coach-steve-smith.html

Research On Smith


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LeBron James and David West Will Play At Cintas Center On Wednesday


Local news teases aside, LeBron James will play against the Indiana Pacers at Xavier;s Cintas Center on Wednesday.

James is sitting out the exhibition contest in Milwaukee against the Bucks as he and his Cavalier teammates prepare for the season which opens against the New York Knicks on October 30.

"There are no physical problems at all.  He's fine," Cavalier coach David Blatt told Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  "We are just trying to manage the preseason with the best possible way to get him ready."

The game in Milwaukee is a good one for James, the team's most recognized player.  Milwaukee is a Central Division rival and Cleveland will visit the city twice during the season.  Cincinnati is a different case.  The fans that the NBA wants to cultivate, will have this lone chance to see the league's biggest drawing card.

David West will return to the Cintas Center, where he played his collegiate basketball.  West has also been sitting out games to preserve his strength for the long season ahead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Championship Baseball Coach Gary Yeatts Summarizes Reds' Season


Two-time state champion baseball coach summarizes Reds' 2014 season.

Garry Yeatts won Ohio High School State Baseball Championships in 1985 and 1991 as the team's head coach.

Now retired and livinng in Sedona, Arizona, Yeatts is one of Reds' owner Bob Castellini's assistance during the Reds' spring training in Goodyear, Arizona.

With a unique eye for the inner workings of baseball, Yeatts writes a summary of the Reds' 2014 season.

See Below...."There Is No Crying In Baseball"

​Try telling Reds fans that there is no crying in baseball. A disappointing season ends with a 76-86 record and no playoffs in sight. An unprecedented meltdown after the All-Star game and a total of 38 games lost by one run. Despite that, the Reds fans turned out in impressive numbers at GABP. Final attendance was 2,476,664 and that was second best in GABP history. You got to hand it to them for hanging in there.

Inline image 1

Now, that I have your attention...let's look at this season. The Reds hit .238 on the year. Scoring runs was like my chances of meeting the girl in this picture. Nearly impossible. (Tell the truth Gary- OK- Totally Impossible and then there is the question of what I would do with her even if I met her.) Back to Baseball!  38 games were lost by one run. Enough to keep you watching and hoping but all too often going to be in a sleepless fit of lost opportunities and poor situational hitting. You can use whatever adjective your mind can project but for me, it was abysmal. Of course, offense was down throughout the MLB. Only 15 hitters were able to hit .300 and team batting average was about. .252. The Reds were next to last in all of baseball. When you add that to a bullpen that managed one win after the all-star game (Stop- LOOKING AT THE PICTURE!). Well, you know the result...no pennant race. No wild card game or playoffs for 2014. The last game of the season took a little sting away with Johnny Cueto winning his 20th. Quite an accomplishment with this team.     


Reds fans will simply watch the playoffs and root for whoever can beat the Cardinals. We have become all too good at that. So, what about this season? Writers at the Cincinnati Enquirer are having a field day examining what went wrong with the Reds. Some fans are already upset with the rehiring of Walt Jocketty and Bryan Price. My friend Hal McCoy describes Jocketty's effort as having to be monumental to turn around the Reds. Let's make it a little more simple. I'm good at simple. Sure some changes have to be made. At least 5-7 current players will not be Reds next year. To me the simplest fact for the Reds' decline was Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. 

This was a case of  Blue J's for the Redlegs. Look at their major league average to date. JV .310avg..79 rbi's, and 23 Hrs. JB- .251 avg., 78 rbi's and 26 Hrs. BUT in 2014 they combined .229 avg., 89 rbi's and 24 Hrs. That's 22 million $$$$$$dollars  of payroll for those anemic numbers. There is not a team in the league that can have their two superstars put up those kind of numbers and compete for a championship. I am not criticizing either guy. Sure there were injuries. But facts are facts. You lose 25 Hrs. and 68 rbis on the average and the result is 38 one run games that you lose. One can only wonder if these two fine gentlemen had had their normal years with the emergence of Mesoraco, Frazier, and Hamilton. I know there are 25 guys on a team and everyone accepts part of the blame for this season, but this is where you have to start.

So what about 2015? Is McCoy right about the monumental task for Mr. Jocketty? If Votto and Bruce are healthy and return to form, the Reds can again be a contender. A BIG IF but not unreasonable. The Opening Day lineup was together for only 12 games this year. Nine of the top 12 teams in starting pitching in MLB made the playoffs. The Reds have starting pitching. They are exceptionally strong up the middle of the diamond. They have some team speed.They are still relatively young. They can bounce back but not without Votto and Bruce. Make all the trades and changes you want, but Votto and Bruce have to  produce.
Another cogent fact for future Reds' improvement is the Central Division. The Reds play 76 division games, almost half of a season. They posted winning records against everyone but the Cardinals going 40-36. To accomplish that while having such a poor overall year shows that the Reds can compete against the competition.  I will wait for Goodyear to return to examine 2015 more closely. As I sat with Mr. Castellini and Mr. Wyler in September at GABP, their disappointment was palpable. Their determination was unmistakable. Cincinnati is so fortunate to have their leadership. Attendance at Reds games shows how the city feels about their baseball team. It's a great facility and downtown area.
Many thanks to all of those who read my musings.  On a side note... while I was in Cincy , I had the privilege to visit the MIRACLE FIELD to view firsthand what Kim Nuxhall and his team have done with the MIRACLE FIELD program in Fairfield. If you ever get the chance to stop by and watchthose children. Ir will Rock your world!!!

It is impossible not to cry when you see what the facility has accomplished for challenged children. So there is crying in Baseball after all. For all of the right reasons!!

Enjoy the playoffs. YIB-G   Go Reds in 2015    (38 one run losses-get some rest Bryan Price- you deserve it!)

Inline image 2

Reds Have A New Owner


Steve Watkins of the Business Courier broke the story of the Reds new owner.  The Louise Nippert trust one of the minority owners sold her share of the team.

See Watkins report by clicking below.....


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bearcats Get The Memphis Blues


In Marc Cohn's blues hit Walking in Memphis, he refers to the ghost of Elvis walking around Beal Street.  Apparently, he was accompanied by the University of Cincinnati defense that suffered through a 41-14 loss.

Gunner Kiel threw an 80-yard touchdown, his 15th of the season, to Mekale McKay on the first play from scrimmage.  That was the highlight of the night for Tommy Tuberville and the 22,000 plus fans which dwindle to the lower triple digits when the Memphis offense took the air out.

Memphis came into the game with a 2-2 record.  Their wins were 63-0 over Austin Peay and 36-17 over Middle Tennessee State.   Their two losses were 42-35 at the Rose Bowl against number 11 UCLA and 24-3 at number 10 Mississippi.

The Tigers were aware that Cincinnati was picked to win the American Athletic Conference and wanted to make a statement.

The statement included 610 yards of offense after spotting UC an early 7-0 lead.

The UC defense gave up over 700 yards of offense last week to Ohio State. 

“It’s not good,” Tuberville said. “We haven’t stopped anybody. This is not new, now.”

Quaterback Paxton Lynch threw for 311 yards and two touchdowns.  He ran for two more.  Sophomore Sam Craft, who is listed as a wide receiver, carried the ball 38 times for 175 yards.  Memphis ran for 299 yards in all.

The Bearcats struggled on offense.

After the first play, Kiel threw for 136 yards on 10 completions with one interception.  The Bearcats also lost a fumble and were stopped on downs on another occasion.

Kiel was injured near the end of the half.  He was hit while throwing a pass and had X-rays taken of his chest.  He was unable to play the second half.

“Gunner’s probably going to be down for a while,” coach Tommy Tuberville said. “He’s having a pretty tough time.”

Munchie Legaux, who made a magnificent recovery from a badly torn knee, finished the game.  Legaux completed five passes for 39 yards.  He rushed for 20 yards on three carries.

"We built this game up all week and they responded," said Memphis coach Justin Fuentes.  "When one side of the ball struggled the other stepped up.  That's what good teams do."

The Tigers had a chip on their shoulders.

"We were talking all week about making a statement," Lynch said.  "They were picked to win the conference. It shows we can control our own destiny. We knew we had to respond after their first play.  We just marched down the field.  We had a lot of plays installed for this defense.  We knew we had to take the momentum back. This gives us confidence. We believe that we can win every game."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cueto's Dramitic Hit Gave Himself 20 Wins

Bryan Price left it up to Johnny Beisbol

Cueto used his own bat to provide the margin for his career-best 20th win, becoming the first Reds' pitcher since 1988 to win 20 games.  Danny Jackson won 23 that year.  Cueto was the first Reds' right-hander to win 20 since Sammy Ellis won 22 and Jim Maloney won 20 in 1965.

The strategy was unorthodox so much so that Cueto didn't fully understand it.  St. Louis Cardinal fans surely disliked it.

Bryan Price allowed Cueto to bat with the go ahead run on third with one out in the eighth inning.

"It was one of the worst decisions for me to make because I know what's on the line," Price said. "The Cardinals are watching the game too.  Of course Cozart hits an absolute missile and that Harrison kid makes another great play.  But hey the most important guy for me today was Johnny Cueto.  If anyone deserved a chance to do that it was him. I put Johnny ahead of everyone else.  I would not apologize for anything that we did in September.  For a team out of the race, we honored the pennant race as much as we could."

Cueto wanted to hit but even second guessed the reasoning.

"I don't understand it," Cueto said with a wide smile on his face. "I still don't understand the at bat.  I told my manager that I want to hit.  He gave me the confidence to do it. I got the hit and I still don't understand it."

Two years ago, in the final start of the season, Cueto had 19 wins and the Reds knew he was going to start in the playoffs.  The Reds took him out after seven innings of a 1-1 game.  The Reds scored the winning run in the ninth, too late for Cueto to pick up his 20th.


"In that situation, we had the team first," Price said. "That was the right call."

Cueto and his mother expected 20 wins this season.

"I only ask God to be healthy and keep the team together," Cueto said through interpreter Tomas Vera.  "I had 104 pitches and a man on third. I don't understand why he trusted me but I am happy that I got the hit.  It feels great.  I feel really happy.  I feel really, really happy today."

Cueto is not concerned about the Cy Young Award that will likely go to Clayton Kershaw.

"You don't know what is going to happen," Cueto said apparently not knowing the media votes on the award and the consensus has been that Kershaw will get the vote.  "I have the numbers. I have my innings.  I have my strikeouts. Look where I'm pitching (hitter friendly Great American Ball Park). That's for you in the media.to worry about."

The Reds gave Cueto an early lead early in the 4-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on the final day of the season..

Kristopher Negron singled off Pittsburgh starter, Gerrit Cole.  Brandon Phillips singled Negron to third on a hit-and-run play.  Negron, going on contact scored on Frazier's grounder to third.

Cueto gave up two singles in the first but held the Pirates scoreless until Neil Walker hit his 23rd home run, leading off the fourth.

Cueto retired 14 of 15 batters after the home run and in the process tied Stephan Strasburg for the NL lead with his 242nd strikeout.

Travis Snider doubled with two out in the eighth and Cueto hit Andrew McCutchen with a pitch.  Cueto ended the inning by taking the throw from Frazier on Walker's ground ball.

"I was aggressive the whole time," Cueto said.  "When Walker grounded out I felt really happy because I was behind in the count and when he hit the ground ball, I thought, "I got him."'

Pirates fans taunted Cueto last season in the wild card playoff game that Cueto started and chanted his name in the belief that they got in his head.  Pirate fans started the chant late in the game.

"I heard them," Cueto said.  "They think it bothers me but they only beat me one time."

Jason Bourgeois tripled to open the bottom of the eighth. With the infield in Josh Harrison made a diving catch of Zack Cozart's line drive.  Bryan Price let Cueto try to win his big game with his own bat.  The Pirates pitched out but there was no play on.  Cueto fouled off a two-strike pitch.  The worked the count full.
Cueto singled up the middle of the drawn in infield.

Yorman Rodriguez ran for Cueto, who ended his season with an eight inning, one-run effort with no walks and seven strikeouts.  He finished with a NL Best 243 2/3 innings and tied for the lead with 242 strikeouts.

Kristopher Negron, clapping his hands before his sixth home run sprint of the season, took out some of the drama with a blast off Justin Wilson to give Aroldis Chapman a three-run lead to work with in seeking his 36th save in 38 chances.

Starling Marte extended his hitting streak to 13 games with a bloop single to center.  Gabby Sanchez struck out swinging.  Jordy Mercer was caught looking at a third strike.  Tony Sanchez became Chapman's 106th strikeout victim on the season to end it.

With the loss the Pirates had to settle for the Wild Card home game against the San Francisco Giants.

Johnny Cue20 Goes For An Elusive Milestone


Johnny Cueto will probably not win the Cy Young Award but regardless of the outcome of today;s game, he has had a great season.

If Cueto wins his 20th game he will have done something that no Reds pitcher has done since 1988 and something no Reds' right-handed pitcher has done since 1965.

For pitchers, 20-win seasons have been hard to come by with five fewer starts and increased use of specialized bullpens.  Danny Jackson a left-hander won 23 games in 1988.  Right-handers Sammy Ellis (22) and Jim Maloney (20)  accomplished the feat in 1965.

Would the Cy Young going to Clayton Kershaw dampen the excitement  of the feaqt?

"Yes, because he's had a phenomenal  year and no because he's had a phenomenal year" Bryan Price said.. The baseball community recognize his year."

His teammates are 100 percent behind him.

"It is very important for Johnny to get that win," said Todd Frazier, who needs one more home run to reacn 30 for the season.  "I'm going to fight for him."
Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net

Frazier knows that Kershaw will probably win the Cy Young and possibly the MVP.

"Overall Johnny understands," Frazier said. "He had a great year. He exceeded my expectations , coming off the injuries. He;s workded hard. Johnny has that energy that you build on."

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pirates Edge Reds Keep Division Hopes Alive

Travis Snider's line drive sliced away from Jay Bruce in rightfield, allowing Josh Harrison to score the go-head run in the Pirates 3-1 win that keeps its division tittle hopes alive.

Harrison, the National League's leading hitter, extended his hitting streak to a career-high 14 games with a single with two outs in the eighth.  Last season's MVP, Andrew McCutcheon, doubled to plate pinch runner, Gregory Polanco.

Mike Leake and Vance Worley locked up in a pitcher's duel.

Both threw up zeroes for five innings.

Gabby Sanchez put the Pirates into a brief lead with his seventh home run, leading off the sixth.

Zack Cozart led off the Reds half with a single off the glove of Jordy Mercer.  Mercer recovered in time to catch Cozart at second, going for the extra base.  One out later, Leake doubled.  He scored by running through thirdbase coach Steve Smith to score on Kristopher Negron's single to centerfield.
Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net

Leake finished with seven innings, allowing just the one run on three hits.  He walked two and struck out eight.

Mark Melancon pitched a scoreless ninth for his 33rd save.

Princeton High and UC Grad Near MLB Batting Title


Josh Harrison, a 2006 graduate of Princeton High School and a Bearcat baseball player from 2006-2008, leads the National League in hitting with three games left in the 2014 season at .319.

Harrison is in a battle with his teammate and 2013 Most Valuable Player, Andrew McCutcheon, who is at .314.  Starling Marte, yet another teammate is ninth in the NL at .293.

Harrison along with brother Vince, who also played professional baseball, comes from a baseball family.  Their uncle John Shelby had an 11-year big league career.

The 2014 All-Star goes into the game Friday against the Reds with a 13-game hitting streak, that ties a career high.

Harrison won  three letters in baseball at Princeton. He was the captain his last two years and the Vikings MVP as a senior, when he was named the The Enquirer's All-City Team.  At UC, Harrison played three seasons.  He is in the Bearcats' top-10 in batting average (4th .358), runs (3rd 192), hits (4th 246), doubles (4th 53), RBI (5th, 153), total bases (5th 366) and stolen bases (2nd 63). 

Harrison was named Big East Co-Player of the Year in 2008, succeeding the Reds' Todd Frazier, who was the Big East Player of the Year in 2007. 

Tony Campana of the Diamondbacks from Springfield High was a teammate of Harrison's at Cincinnati. Colerain's pitcher Dan Osterbrock, who was drafted and played in the Minnesota Twins organization was on those Bearcat teams as well.  The Bearcats won a team record 39 games with those three Cincinnati players.

The Cubs drafted Harrison in the sixth round in 2008.  He was traded to the Pirates with Jose Ascaino and Kevin Hart for John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny.

For the second season in a row, Harrison will have a chance to play in the Major League Post-Season

Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net
The Pirates are one game behind the St. Louis Cardinals for the NL Central Division title.  They have already clinched at least a Wild Card spot and hold a one-game lead over the San Francisco Giants for the home field in the Wild Card game.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brandon Phillips and Yorman Rodriguez Drown Brewers


Billy Hamilton managed to influence the Reds 5-3 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, who kicked the ball around as if they were the Wiedemann Brewers, a coed softball team, allergic to leather.  The loss doused the Brewers slim playoff hopes.

With Hamilton out with a mild concussion, Brandon Phillips hit in the leadoff spot, while rookie Yorman Rodruguez replaced Hamilton in centerfield and hit sixth.

Phillips had two hits and scored two runs against Milwaukee starter, Yovani Gallardo, including his eighth home run of the season to end the pitchers season.

Rodriguez, who signed with the Reds on his 16th birthday in 2008, had two singles and drove in the go-ahead run.

"It is a very good experience," Rodriguez said. "I have been talking to the veterans and learning a lot.  I want to show my best when I get the opportunity."

Young David Holmberg defeated the Brewers for the second time in 12 days.  The 22-year old allowed a second inning home run to Rickie Weeks among the three hits he allowed in six innings.  Milwaukee scored on a sacrifice fly by Khris Davis after Phillips cut down Ryan Braun at the plate on a contact play.

"I am more comfortable," Holmberg said. "I feel good about going into spring training.  It gives me confidence to compete against teams in our division."

Bryan Price was pleased with his young players.

"Holmberg was terrific," Price said.  "We could have had him go out there for the seventh but he was leading off.  We wanted to get something going.  Jason Bourgeois got the hit and Brandon's home run gave us the separation."

Rodriguez took an extra base on a throwing error by Weeks on a force attempt that rolled away from Jean Segura at shortstop.

"He made a nice read," Price said. "We are seeing a really good athlete with good baseball instincts.  He has a nice approach and doesn't try to force the ball to his pull side.  He stays in the middle of the field."

Jay Bruce drove in a run with a single to right, scoring Phillips.  Bruce had three hits.

Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net

The listless Brewers kicked the ball around as the Reds took the lead in the fifth inning.  Brayan Pena singled to start the inning.  Jason Rogers inexplicably missed a double-play relay throw at firstbase.  Weeks dropped Ryan Ludwick's pop up in front of Rodriguez's single.

The Brewers scored a run off Sam Le Cure with three straight singles and a double-play ground ball.  Jumbo Diaz got Braun to ground out with runners on first and third to end the seventh.

Aroldis Chapman entered to hold the lead in the ninth, looking for his 35th save in 37 attempts.  Chapman struck out Weeks to start the inning but trainer Paul Lessard came out to check on him.  Chapman stayed in the game.  Hector Gomez grounded out. Jean Segura grounded out to end the game.

Yorman Rodriguez Replaces Billy Hamilton


Billy Hamilton robbed Ryan Braun of a home run on Wednesday night but hit his head on the padded fence.  It was verified that he had a mild concussion.

It was a planned day off for Hamilton any way but his time on the sideline could be extended.

"Billy had a mild concussion," Bryan Price said.  "It was verified. We'll have to go through the concussion protocol.  I'd love it if he was able to play but we wouldn't put him out there if there was any concern about his health."
Yorman Rodriguez, 22, took Hamilton's place in centerfield, batting sixth in the lineup.  He was signed out of Venezuela on August 15, 2008, his 16th birthday.
Rodriguez is appearing in his eighth game and has four singles in 16 at-bats (.250).
Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net
"I see a real good athlete," Price said. "He has a real nice offensive approach from what I've seen as a young hitter.  I think he has a chance to be a really good player. He's 22 and played in Double A. He had a solid year.  He seams to have really good baseball instincts. it would be nice to run him out there for a week or so straight but that's not going to happen.  He might get another start or two.  It looks like he's capable of holding his own. He looks like a much better player than I anticipated seeing at this point in time of his career."   

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Daniel Corcino Comes Up Short Against The Brewers


Daniel Corcino was being compared to Johnny Cueto coming up through the Reds' minor league system.

After an off-year in 2013, Corcino got his chance to rise from Double A Pensacola to the Reds in August. 

After Mat Latos, Homer Bailey and Dylan Axelrod went down with injuries, Corcino was given his chance to start two games coming into his final start of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers in a 5-0 loss. The Reds were shutout for the 17th time.

His mound opponent was former Reds' starter Kyle Lohse.

Corcino had a quality start against the Brewers on September 12, allowing two runs over six innings in a no-decision the Brewers won 3-2.  He allowed two runs in a losing effort in 5 2/3 innings against the Chicago Cubs in his last start.

The 24-year old held the Brewers scoreless through three innings, thanks to Billy Hamilton's catch over the centerfield fence that robbed Ryan Braun of a home run.  Hamilton had to leave the game with a mild concussion.

"He (Corcino) started to get lateral with his delivery," Bryan Price said.  "Billy hit his head on the railing which is padded but at that velocity it can cause problems.  He was dizzy so we took him out.  I wasn't planning to start him tomorrow anyway."

Corcino has seen Hamilton make plays like that before.

"I played with him in the minor leagues.  He is amazing," Corcino said.  "When Braun hit the ball I thought it was gone but when I saw Billy close to the fence, I thought he would catch it.  I have been sitting with (Johnny) Cueto.  He has been telling me things.  I was struggling a little bit and getting behind in the count.  Johnny told me to concentrate, 'You're going to have games like this.  Just concentrate more.'  When he was coming up as a young pitcher, people did that for him.  Now that he has experience, he is helping us.  I am going to work out with him this winter.:

The Brewers broke through in the fourth Aramis Ramirez doubled with one out and went to third on a ground out.  Ramirez trotted home when Rickie Weeks lined a single off the leftfield fence.  Jason Bourgeois threw Weeks out at second to end the inning.
Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net

The Brewers added a run in the fifth.  Jean Segura walked and went to second when Lohse walked. Carlos Gomez doubled to score Segura.  After Corcino walked Braun to load the bases, Bryan Price brought in J.J. Hoover, who pitched out of the inning with no further damage.

Meanwhile the Reds had two measly hits both by Jack Hannahan, the only base runners Lohse allowed.

Lohse turned in his 12th career complete game and ninth complete game shutout, his second this season.

Ryan Dennick walked a pair of batters to open the eighth.  Both scored on Segura's double.  Lohse added a sacrifice fly.

Bryan Price Expects Mat Latos and Homer Bailey To Be Ready


Bryan Price expects both of his injured starting pitchers to be ready by opening day 2015 or shortly after.

Latos is throwing now.

“I don’t think there’s concern that he’s got some long-term issues.," Price said.. "He’s got some inflammation, so it’s been strictly a rehab process to this point. He’s been able to throw but not completely pain-free. He’s been examined by Dr. Kremchek. He’s been getting regular attention from Paul Lessard and the training staff and we don’t anticipate any hiccups or concerns at all going into spring training _ no reservations at all in that regard.”
Bailey had surgery and his arm is in a sling but Price believes he will be ready.
I visited with him for about half-an-hour yesterday in the office," Price said. "He’s one guy who’s ready to get that sling off his arm, I’ll tell you that. Between him and Skip Schumaker, they’re ready to get out of those harnesses. If you haven’t done that before, it is brutal how much it really limits you, especially if it’s your dominant arm. Really, right now it’s more range of motion than anything and strengthening.”
Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net
Bailey may have time enough to get ready for the second year of his six-year $105 million contract.
“Everyone recovers at a certain pace. He could be ahead of schedule. He could be a little behind schedule, but I don’t think he’s in jeopardy of missing any significant time during next year _ if any at all. We’re hoping that he’s ready by Opening Day, but if not, it should be close," Price said.

Daniel Corcino and David Holmberg will each make one more start before the season ends on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Johnny Cueto Wins 19th Game Brewers Near Elimination


The run challenged Milwaukee Brewers and run challenged Cincinnati Reds squared off to see who could score the most.

Neither team scored many as the Reds held on for a 3-1 win.

The Brewers had an excuse with one of the National League's stingiest pitchers in Johnny Cueto on the mound in his next to last start of the season with hopes of winning both to set a new career-high with 20 wins.

The Brewers had Mike Friers on the mound and in spite of winning just six games, he has been very stingy himself in his eight starts since joining the Brewers' rotation on August 9.  He has a very tiny 1.78 ERA over those starts.

Todd Frazier hit his 28th home run of the season, extending his career high.  Devin Mesoraco followed with his 25th, also extending his career high.

"We have a couple of guys there without question, who are just skimming the surface for what they can do," Bryan Price said.  "They are going to get smarter with more experience."

Cueto kept the Brewers quiet after a slow start.  Carlos Gomez opened the game with a single but Cueto picked him off.  Scooter Gennett walked but was thrown out trying to score on Aramis Ramirez single by Billy Hamilton.

"I felt really strong in the first inning but it didn't help me control my fastball," Cueto said.  "After that I calmed down and was able to throw the ball better."

Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net
Cueto allowed Gomez's 22nd home run with two outs in the sixth but just one hit after that.

Cueto finished with eight innings, allowing one run on four hits and striking out seven.

The Reds added a cushion in the bottom of the eighth against Jeremy Jefferess.  Brayan Pena doubled to lead off the inning, batting for Cueto.  Yorman Rodriguez ran for Pena.  Rodriguez was bunted to third by Hamilton and scored on a single by Jason Bourgeois.

Aroldis Chapman, seeking his 34th save in 36 attempts was wild coming out of the bullpen.  Chapman hit Gomez to start the inning and fell behind Rickie Weeks at 2-0.  Weeks looked at a called third strike.  Jonathan Lucroy.walked.  Ramirez struck out swinging.  Ryan Braun struck out to end the game while becoming Chapman's 100th strikeout victim of the season.

Cueto will pitch against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who clinched at least the wild card spot as the Brewers were eliminated, on Sunday in an attempt to win his 20th game.

Starting pitcher's wins have been discounted over the years but Bryan Price a former pitching coach still believes they are important.

"To win 20 games you have to keep yourself in the games longer," Price said.  "The complete game has almost vanished, when the league leader has just six or seven, you're leaving a lot of games in the hands of someone else.  I've had pitchers that have won a lot of games and didn't have the statistics to back that up and I've had a lot of pitchers like Mike Leake, who has won 11 or 12 games that pitched better than that.  Look, 20 is a big number.   When you look at Johnny, it is 19 wins and leading the league in innings pitched.  That to me is one of the reasons that he has 19 wins because he's kept himself out there."

Reds Land Million Dollar Sponsor. - Will Erect Statue Of Tony Perez In 2015


Steve Watkins of the Cincinnati Business Courier in an exclusive report, writes the Reds have added its seventh million dollar sponsor by leveraging the 2015 All-Star game.

Watkins also reveals that the Reds will unveil a statue of Tony Perez on the plaza outside the Great American Ball Park sometime in August 0f 2015.


Read Watkins report by clicking below:


Reds caricatures for sale fstopjd@fuse.net

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gunner Keil Best Andrew Hendrix In Battle Of Notre Dame Transfers


Gunner Kiel threw four more touchdown passes as The University of Cincinnati extended Miami Universtity's losing streak to 20 games with a hard fought 31-24 win at Paul Brown Stadium.

Both Kiel and Miami quarterback and Moeller High School grad, Andrew Hendrix are eligible this season after transferring from Notre Dame.

Hendrix hit David Frazier with a 23-yard scoring strike to begin the scoring and true freshman Paul Moses broke some tackles on an 18-yard run as Miami took an early 14-7 lead early in the second quarter.

Kiel threw two touchdown passes to Mekale McKay and one to Chris Moore to lead UC back from the deficit.  Andrew Ganz kicked a field goal of 21 yards to put UC up at halftime 24-14.

Hendrix and Kiel traded touchdown passes in the third quarter.  Hendrix found Frazier behind the Cincinnati secondary with a 74-yard pass play.  Kiel threw 29 yards to Johnny Holton.

Miami gto a 49-yard field goal by Kaleb Patterson on a kick that never got more than 11 feet off the ground with 13:20 to play in the game to put Miami within a touchdown.

Miami held the Bearcats on a three and out and took over at their own 44 after a short punt by Sam Geraci.

Hendrix and his Redhawks drove to the Cincinnati one in a bid to tie the game.  Moses was stopped on a two-yard loss.  Hendrix was dropped for a one-yard loss.  On third and goal, Leviticus Payne dropped Hendrix for an 11 yard loss.  Patterson missed a 30-yard field goal attempt with 5:40 left.

Cincinnati ran out the clock for its second win of the season.

"They (UC) are 90 percent pressure within the 30-yard line," Miami coach Chuck Martin, who coached both quarterbacks at Notre Dame.  "We had the right play called but we had a freshman tight end block down.  It was a rookie mistake.  He feels awful and I feel awful for him."

The first year coach is now 0-4 with the Redhawks, who are hungry for a win in a rivalry game or not.

"If we got a win over Talawanda Middle School, we'd take it but this felt like a rivalry.  Our kids played their hearts out.  They played smarter, not smart, but smarter.  We need to execute better," Martin said.